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Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas in Vientiane 2015

riverview from V Hotel, Vientiane
Ok it has been a very long time since my last update but finally have a week away in Laos which seems like a perfect opportunity to update the Ninja!  

So planning the trip to get to Vientiane was left to Clas, who ended up booking our Air Asia flight to Kohn Kaen instead of Ubon! On arrival we were greeted by a group of screaming girls waving I love u signs, Clas thought they were for him...Apparently though we had been flying alongside a famous Thai band called Potato! 

On exiting the airport Clas managed to barter down a taxi to take us to the Lao-Thailand friendship bridge Near Nong Khai 3.5 hours away for 2k THB, pretty cheap considering the distance. Once at the border we each paid the USD needed for the visa on arrival plus 1USD foreigner fee....for UK it was 36USD altogether and for Australia 31USD. Getting from the border wasn't so easy as many of the tuk tuk drivers tried to corner us to pay 400thb to get to Vientiane town. We ended up paying 300thb but im sure there are cheaper options. 

Arriving at the riverfront we planned to head to Mixok Inn where we had stayed before but came across a newish looking place with Riverview called V Hotel. The room costs weren't too bad 900 -1.5k thb however the place was pretty shabby inside considering it was only two years old. We had a great view of the river from our room but the only thing they cleaned was the bed. The rest was covered in dust and grime which I could handle, but don't the hair covered soap leftover in the bathroom!! Suffice to say we checked out the next day... 

Scandanavian Bakery near the square, Vientiane
That evening we explored the riverfront and found the best pizza in Asia! A place called Al Capones. The chef was clearly Italian and the dough was so fresh and fluffy with just the right amount of cheese and sauce on top. Definitely recommend any pizza lover to check it out! After dins we found our fave sunset bar, Borpennyang. This bar is on the fifth floor of a riverside building and has amazing sunset views. It was pretty quiet for first few hours then when night came, the crowds did too. We met a random guy from Glasgow who lives in Vientiane and Hua Hin as well as a nice couple from UK/Laos. There were also lots of girls sat alone drinking water, guess they were lonely as wasn't long before some guy sidled up next to them and they went off into the sunset together..... 

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